HD Traffic Monitoring & Smart Control System in Southern Taiwan Science Park
Jun, 2019

Lantech Industrial PoE Switches and Central Switches are Integrated in a Park Surveillance Project in Hong Kong
May, 2015

Secure Outdoor Wireless Surveillance System of 25 City Councils Nationwide in Malaysia
Oct, 2014

Lantech PoE Switches and Sony IP cameras are Integrated in Romania’s City Surveillance Project
Aug, 2014

Lantech Industrial Switches Successfully Implemented in Outdoor Wireless Surveillance System
Sep, 2012

Lantech Industrial Managed PoE Switches with Pro-Ring II System are Adopted to Construct the Neighborhood Security System in Romania
Apr, 2011

Lantech’s Industrial Managed PoE Switches Successfully Installed in Surveillance System of a Prison
Nov, 2010

Lantech Industrial Switches are Successfully Implemented in East Europe Surveillance for Security Application
Jul, 2009

FX-4000M successful case study with IP CAM application in Taiwan
Jul, 2007

Lantech Industrial Switch Case Study with Samsung IP Dome
Jun, 2007