IEC62443-4-1 Certified

IEC 62443 is a key standard for network security, and it is currently the only industrial control network security standard applicable to various industries in the world. Today this standard has been adopted by many industries, such as, rail transportation, autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, smart cities, energy, and utilities, etc. This standard defines components, systems, and solutions for the industrial control industry. Part 4-1 of the standard details the requirements for the development cycle of security products. Obtaining this standard means Lantech has the ability to design and develop security products for industrial networks. The company comprehensively assists various industries to strengthen industrial control and information security protection, this creates a safer OT environment for critical infrastructure.

Lantech complies with the IEC 62443-4-1 international standard and introduces safety standards throughout product development and life cycle. This standard is applied to all aspects of the product design, the specification, development of the hardware /firmware & testing. The standard also applies to repairs and how Lantech responds to security vulnerabilities after the production process & when products are in operational situations. Lantech has followed the security regulations to undertake the following: strengthen and improve product quality and protect information security, this also means we are able to identify and work with customers to mitigate any risk’s.

Information security issues in the industrial control industry are receiving Increased attention. Lantech believes that after obtaining the credible IEC 62443-4-1 certification, customers will see how committed Lantech is to improving trust. In addition to becoming an important part of the company's competitiveness, the concept of information security can also be deeply rooted in the corporate culture, providing customers with more secure and guaranteed industrial-grade networking products. With the achievement of obtaining IEC 62443-4-1 certification by Lantech is just the beginning, Lantech will continue to provide improvements to information related to the security of industrial control and will continue to strengthen the resilience of Information Security.