May 2008        Lantech Global’s Industrial switches are  chosen to be used with Israel Wimax and Mobility backhaul solution, from a Nasdaq and TASE listed vendor, to connect the system to management point for voice and video packets that move on RF(radio frequency) on air.  “We choose Lantech IES2216C & IES0008T outdoor Industrial Switches because that they are compact & slim size design which can be placed well in our cabinet, and with 48V DC power input, power voltage isolation up to 1200VDC are also practical features for our application” said Mr. Ronit in C company.  “we test many other switches and find out Lantech IES0008T is with good quality and has everything we need.  We like IES2216C with QoS and X-View Lite utility where we can install multiple IES2216C with ease”. 

The backhaul network connection with Lantech IES2216C & IES0008T is as follows:

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