Lantech's IES-2206F(IFE-602FM old model name) Industrial Switch 6 10/100 + 2 100FX switch with X-Ring function are successfully implemented on Japan's Railway system covering all cities in Japan's major island for over 600pcs. Lantech's IES-2206F are installed in each railway crossing-gate in connection with OADM system. Lantech's IES-2206F are segment to VLAN and set to RSTP function with OADM system.

Mr. Shimada of D-company in Ueno, Japan mentions that Lantech's IES-2206F is the best solution to go with their OADM system for Japan' Railway system as it is a reliable, compact in size. The Switch also supports SNMP and proprietary "X-Ring" protocol for immediately recovery in the network. They had replaced the traditional 8port 10/100M SNMP switch with Lantech IES-2206F in such application and stated that this is the most appropriate solution.

The Japan Railway network implementing Lantech IES-2206F is as follows:

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