100/1000Base SFP to 100/1000Base SFP Media Converter w/ LLF function

  • 2x 100/1000BaseX SFP Fiber Converter
  • 9KB jumbo frame supported
  • DIP switch for Auto negotiation, Speed , Half/ Full Duplex and LLF mode
  • Support 16-slot converter chassis


Datasheet   Manual


Lantech CM-022A fiber converter is designed to extend the transmitting distance of optical-fiber network. The CM-022A is fully compliant with 802.3u and 802.3z standards.

Lantech CM-022A supports both 100Mbps and 1000Mbps speed on each of SFP slot. 4 DIP switches are to adjust transmitting mode and Link Loss Forwarding (LLF) feature.

Lantech provides various modules to satisfy the demand of users include WDM/SC/ST multi mode and single mode (30/60km) interfaces. CM-022A can be slide into a 16-slots chassis with redundant power supply option (MC-116-RPS) for centralized and rack mountable installation.


  • 2x 100/1000BaseX SFP Converter
  • Support 9KB jumbo frame
  • Single mode fiber to multi mode fiber Media converter
  • Built in Link Loss Forwarding Technology
  • DIP switch mode: Speed , F/O mode and LLF mode


Hardware Specification


IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX/FX
IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-X


100/1000Base-X SFP Slot x 2

Jumbo frame


Link Loss Forward

Single- mode Fiber => Multi-mode Fiber: If Single- mode Fiber port link down, then converter will force Multi-mode Fiber to link down.
Multi- mode Fiber => Single -mode Fiber: If Multi- mode Fiber port link down, then converter will force Single -mode Fiber to link down.

Power Adapter

Power Input: DC 5V, 2.0A
Power Output: AC 100~240 V

Power Consumption

AC 220V: 2.5W
DC 5V: 1.8W


Operation Temperature.: 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -20° ~ 60℃
Operation Humidity: 5% to 90% (Non-condensing)


Power, FO1, FO2

DIP Switch
(Rear Panel)

DIP Switch 1: Speed (100Mbps/1000Mbps)
DIP Switch 2: F/O mode ( Force / Auto)
DIP Switch 3: Link Loss Forwarding (Disable/Enable)
DIP Switch 4: Reserved


Module: 71mm x 94mm x 26 mm

EMI & Safety

FCC Class A, CE


2 years


P/N Model name Description
8421-190 CM-022A 100/1000Base SFP to 100/1000Base SFP Media Converter w/ LLF function
8420-008 MC-116-RPS-P1AC 16 Slots Universal Media Converter Rack 19-inch (2U), with 1 AC power
8420-009 MC-116-RPS-P1DC 16 Slots Universal Media Converter Rack 19-inch (2U), with 1 DC power
EOTH000670 MC-116-RPS-AC POWER Slide-in AC Power Module for MC-116-RPS
EOTH000671 MC-116-RPS-DC-POWER Slide-in DC Power Module for MC-116-RPS


Model name Description Model name Description
8330-162X MINI GBIC 1000SX (LC/0.5km) Transceiver 8330-188 LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8330-163X MINI GBIC 1000SX2 (LC/2km) Transceiver 8330-189 LTSFP-1000BX-10KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-165X MINI GBIC 1000LX (LC/10km) Transceiver 8330-186 LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8340-0591 MINI GBIC 1000LHX (LC/40km) Transceiver 8330-187 LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-166 MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/50km) Transceiver 8330-180 LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8330-169 MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/60km) Transceiver 8330-182 LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-167 MINI GBIC 1000ZX (LC/80km) Transceiver 8330-181 LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8330-170 MINI GBIC 1000EZX (120km) Transceiver 8330-183 LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-168 MINI GBIC 1000T (100m) Transceiver 8330-184 LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1490)
8330-061 100Base LX 30KM, Single-mode, LC Transceiver 8330-185 LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-060 100Base FX 2KM, Multi-mode, LC Transceiver